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Chimney dimensions - what is minimum?

From the WFO board

Posted by Mike

I am working a bit backwards in my design, now working on fitting the Masterly oven chamber design onto a hearth that I built to fit my back yard.

I am now at the point of trying to come up with dimensions of the oven chamber and I have a question on how deep does the chimney opening need to be? (space for chimney takes away from space remaining for the oven chamber)

The chimney width can be the full width of the oven opening (16" in my case), but I would like to make the internal "chimney slot" (space from back of brick in the front decorative chimney arch to the front of oven chamber firebrick arch) only about 5" wide (a bit over 1 brick set sideways width).

Would a slot opening like this provide enough "draw" for the chimney to properly function?

Note my local building codes specify I must have the height of the chimney 2' higher than the nearest object (a fence in my case) so I should have that aspect of the design covered.
Thanks, Mike

by Rado Hand on Google+

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