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Re: black bricks

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: black bricks posted by Richard

The black color on bricks is just the carbon from fire burning. Carbon burns off and oven turns flat white inside when pizza making temperature is reached. Then if you leave it, the oven cools down staying white, until new fire is lit again. And so all over again. Not always you have to go to pizza temperature and turning the oven completely white, you can cook in the oven when only partly white at the top, it depends on what's going to be cooked. You can start to do pizza when only the top turned to white color and pizza will be done in 2 1/2 minutes, if you continue to keep little fire in for a while the whole chamber gets white. Then the oven is well charged with heat energy, leave it to drop temps down for baking or roasting.

See below link for my favorite activity; slow roasted for nearly 5 hours, uncovered for the last 45 minutes and smoked big bird turkeys (6 of them at the time for a whole neighbourhood and neighbours will be into paying service fees like mad ;o) - please note: this is from one time woodfire oven heat up only ... cannot do in all ovens!!!

How to roast well Big Turkeys at home DIY

Re: black bricks

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