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Re: Gas Pizza only oven

From the WFO board

Posted by Robert Grimes

In Reply to: Re: Gas Pizza only oven posted by Rado

I actually did put firebrick in on Sat night to try. I put a layer of the thinner 1 1/4 inch ones as there just isn't much room in the BBQ top area. I did put a few over the top supported by some wire mesh just to see if I could get a chamber. I did a dry run of heat tests and once I got the chamber area above 500, I turned off the heat. It did hold heat for about 1 hour before it went below 350. Unfortunately I just don't have enough room for the chamber to really be enclosed so it was not a really good test.

I did try a real pizza for dinner. However, the yeast failed me and the crust was a piece of cardboard so I failed to test well. Also, I was in a bit of a hurry to due to some personal timing issues so the test was not really good.

Actually I have had better luck by using my cracked pizza stone and getting the pizza bottom crunchy, then moving the pizza on to a little warming rack about 8 inches higher and then letting the heat built up in the top of the hood do the final cooking (in this case I left the fire on all the time). This method is simpler, easy to take apart (just pull out the stone) and less of a mess. It makes the pizzas I have in the link I posted earlier.

I am going to work on this idea some more. I have used the wood chips many times before and that does help as well. Also, you can just put the chips in a can of water to soak, then place the wet ones on the fire.

If any one wants photos of what I tried this weekend, let me know. I haven't cleaned up the mess yet.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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