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Re: Gas Pizza only oven

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Gas Pizza only oven posted by Robert Grimes

How do you do pizzas currently? If you used e.g. pizza stone above flames from the burner and made up a chamber placed above this stone, then the heat can travel via gaps besides stone up into the chamber. Space above pizza stone will absorb the heat cooking toppings from the top as well. System makes pizzas between 2-3 minutes each when the oven is hot.
Refractory part does not need to be too large but it should be well insulated otherwise it gets too hot on outside as in later stages heat soaks upwards through the material. Is that some idea for a system you thought about? Soon we'll be making similar oven for my friend's balcony although a small wood fire box option will be included and the gas also (my mother uses same one indoors for baking or drying.) I work with Keefer burners (type has its nozzle fitted in oven's floor and flue level not underneath) can email you a photo.
Nice photos Mate. r

by Rado Hand on Google+

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