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Re: Not enough heat

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Not enough heat posted by Richard from Niagara Falls

Hi Richard! Long time no in contact, you were in winter. Yes, now is the time to build on your hemisphere. I look forward to your thoughts, drop lines in here or email, I will give you hand so you can start to cook soon. Many people learned ahead from your previous postings, which is positive, thank you.

Your measurements will work very well; the door can be 17" (43.2cm) wide, no problem there at all. What will the new measurements for oven internal cooking surface be? Which cd are you looking at, the Swishy or new Masterly Tail oven?

PS i'd like to thank you again for the product it gives better results comparing it with what I have available, I will be ordering it from US.

Re: Not enough heat

by Rado Hand on Google+

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