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Not enough heat

From the WFO board

Posted by Richard from Niagara Falls (

The good weather is here ! I have started to Re-do my mistake filled oven. But first let me thank you for the CD`s. As they were getting here during that time I had a million crucial questions to ask you. Now that I have them I only have One question which I will get to later. I am not one to dwell on past errors BUTTTTT, if only I had known about your website last april. The countless hours of labor (which I don`t mind), the wasted money (which I do mind) that came with attempting a project like that with the scant knowledge I Possesed and could not find anywhere. Along came Rado and even then It still was not clear,but then the CD`s arrived and I can`t thank you enough for sending them. You asked me to let you know how I was planning to get more firebrick inside the finished dome. I have taken off half the dome down to the hearth and am going to continue until I have room to build a vault exactly like your CD roms show. I am taking the hard route but , I have a hard head.

The question I have is : The new vault will have a 16 " height using the 10" rise and the door will be 10" high and 17" wide. Iread that you reccomend a 16" width, would another inch or two wider matter ?
Richard(from Niagar Falls)

Not enough heat

by Rado Hand on Google+

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