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Re: Chimney design question

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Chimney design question posted by Jason

Jason, it is good to have the entry to the oven with the air vent boxed in with a wall on each side. I see where you coming from in there. The only thing to be considered here could be; these side walls stop the wind grabbing the exhaust from entering the hot air vent and entering the passage upwards as it exits the firing chamber. Wind can really push it sidewise even if it's not strong. Maybe other then brick walls blocking wind could be installed in place making it a nice front design.

Your measurements will work well, you can also make the door 10" (25.4cm) high. On the "Front View" photo it's 11" (28cm), on two "Side/Back View" pictures the door height shows the door height is at one brick higher.) The vent/flue opening can have same width as the door width when exiting fumes are kept in by your firebrick sides. I usually make the vent from 2.5cm (1") wider then the door, for fitting in wooden door when closing the oven for baking and long time roasting. Depth of the vent at exit level space should be minimum 10" (25.4cm), and bigger. You have there enough room it seems. Have a look at pictures from my cd, that size hot air vent will work perfectly also for indoors ovens and all fumes will be dragged up nicely only into a chimney where they should go (and not make the deco opening black.)

I hope you will add new pictures in as you progress, I was wondering how you go about the chimney. Just one thing, firebricks should not stay out exposed to rain, well at least if one does not want them to get wet. These bricks love to absorb water as well as the heat. Take care.


Re: Chimney design question

by Rado Hand on Google+

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