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Re: Rock Oven Chicken Bake

From the WFO board

Posted by Jon (

In Reply to: Re: Rock Oven Chicken Bake posted by Herb

Hi Herb,
I am glad I followed cooking beer can chicken directions from your posting. Well, we did 4 already! First one went ok, just a one little problem, the aluminum foil stuck to the skin or the other way around. We had pizzas beforehand and even after waiting for temperature does drop down a bit I think it was still hotter then it should. But the meat was perfect. 3 other chickens were looking great.

I am waiting for me mate to make me stainless steel holder with also s/steel pipe welded in its center where the beer will go. Chicken will go on it and the whole thing gets covered with old enameled metal pot, finally I have the use for it. I had a thought not to use much aluminum for food.

Why didn't you say before about the beer could be consumed? Luckily it wasn't lost.

Re: Rock Oven Chicken Bake

by Rado Hand on Google+

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