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Re: 3rd Batch Rock Oven Bread

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I don't have a very suitable camera for taking photos of my stove as it is a dark dim back part of my house but I can try -- but it will take awhile.

My Rock Oven was actually built for the purpose of heating my rural rustic cordwood house that I built myself in the piney woods of NW Wisconsin.

I got the idea from the large European type masonry stoves. I thought about using clay, but had a lot of solid basaltic lava from the nearby so-called "copper range" (or Mishwabikong as the Indians would call it). So I built it out of that basalt along with 2 billion year old white-green marble (Bad River Dolomite) from an old quarry 60 miles from here.

The entire oven a big thing with a sand filled compartment heat sink that fire tubes go thru. The firebox proper is on one end of it and has a metal door and is made of basalt with LOTS of air tubes coming into the fire chamber from all directions. Air is drawn in from outside the house. The oven has a tremendously good draft and I have gotten the door glowing red by putting in too much fuel. The fuel is mostly junk wood and cut off odds and ends, big pieces, rotten (but dry), etc.

On the front part of this Rock Oven is another opening into the chimney and where I have a regular metal woodstove that I use on a daily basis in the winter. Fired 24/7. I have been cooking on top of it all winter.

After reading this website I thought I'd just try to use the Rock Oven for baking once. Worked so well that I was amazed! haven't used the chicken cooker yet. Waiting for another cold snap....

More snow coming now. Maybe lots. Bad deer eating my white cedar trees....

Re: 3rd Batch Rock Oven Bread

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