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Re: 3rd Batch Rock Oven Bread

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Cut basic French bread recipe with 50% whole wheat flower. Fired up rock stove later in process than in previous bake attempts just to find out its variations. Temp got up to 550 F. and I stopped firing. Put bread in at 415 F. and took it out at 25 minutes like last time.

However, this time the terminal 25 minute temp had dropped to 250 F. Last time the terminal 25 minute temp was 300 F. So length of firing time made a difference.

The product seems okay. Crust good but not super crunchy. I cut a fresh loaf open and it didn't seem raw inside. Flavor good, altho I prefer the delightful taste of the pure French recipe more.

Maybe I should have given the bread 5 more minutes at 250 terminal temp. I will know more as I eat these loaves.

I think I fired the rock oven for 2.5 hrs this time instead of 3.5, but I'd have to consult my notes to be exact. But for sure I started the fire later in the process. It was a perfect day to bake as that night it got down to minus 34 degrees F. outside and the rock oven helps keep this northern Wisconsin (USA) cabin snug and warm. The rock oven is under the upstairs bedroom.

Today sideways snow coming down!

Re: 3rd Batch Rock Oven Bread

by Rado Hand on Google+

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