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Built by Frans & Laurens Bros., in:
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New: fresh

Made to look old

This is considerably new structure. But it was build from recycled material and purposely made to look as if it was decades old and it is in the proper working order.

Picture of my best wood fire oven for bread, pizza and roasts cooking.

Photo by: Frans and Laurens Bros.
Location: Holland

Title: My most favorite wood fire oven.

Description: This is so far my most favorite, vintage like appealing wood burning pizza oven structure. Created by traditional baker siblings "Frans and Laurens van Eijk from Someren HOLLAND."

Look for materials in weekend shopper papers. For only a fraction of price people often sell real old stuff that is not in shops any more. Or giveaway is common you would be surprised, as to clean faster after another project various people had.

However it is so suitable and appropriate for oven creating. Such as building red clay solid bricks or old terracotta clay roof tiles, all kinds and sizes blocks, paves, you name it.

by Rado Hand

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