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Built by Ray, in:
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New: fresh

Rejuvenate Your Home, family and friends.

This is the right or most appropriate thing to truly rejuvenate any body's home. Love and all goodness comes through the stomach as well and also through a lovely private atmosphere.

Wine cheese pizza fire family and friends.

Photo by: Ray
Location: Mt Warrigal south of Wollongong NSW, Australia.

Title: Wine, cheese, pizza, fire, family and friends go together well.

Description: Built lower storage from sand stone blocks. 1.1m deep x 900 wide. Still need to finish off cement render, will also send photo when completed project. Hope to put corrugated hood to complete this oven. It deserves it. Can't beat this style of living! Ray

Planing to sign for a couple of online cooking courses to broaden my cooking skills and to master culinary qualities out of me. Ray

by Rado Hand

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