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Built by Rado, in:
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Masterly Wood Fired Oven Firebrick Dome picture. Oven designed, developed and built by Rado Hand in July 2004.

Photo by: Rado

Location: Queensland, Australia

Title: Masterly wood burning oven - front decoration

Description: Masterly oven and outside dome red brick decoration. I will visit Mike & Annette and roast a leg of lamb in the oven.

Edit: I have done that already, but it was turkey, a big 11 lb = 5 Kg poultry bird - look in oven meals gallery for more images on the roasting. The leg of lamb will get slow roasted next time. This oven is being used a lot. It's 10 years (ten) since this oven and its landscaping surrounds were completed ;o)

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by Rado Hand

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