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Built by David, in:
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New: fresh

Rockwool insulating blankets were used

Rockwool thermal insulation blanket pieces were applied to insulate this oven. The insulation type performs very well.

Rock wool insulation's for building.

Oven's name: "Tasietio"

Photo by: David

Location: Tasmania

Title: Back yard oven.

Description: Hi Rado

Love you website. I have attached a photo of my wood burning oven I built out in the back yard. I researched designs, etc for 6 years before I built it. Makes fabulous pizzas, roasts, custard tarts, meatballs, etc. Have not had much luck with bread, however. I usually put it in when the oven is too hot but I am already learning the baking ways as well!

Cheers and kind regards from Tasmania,

by Rado Hand

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