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Slovakian wood fired oven

In the center of Slovakia, in the city Martin, there is this restaurant where a pizza made in this small and spherical wood fired oven can be ordered.

Picture of refractory wood fired oven made in a pizza shop in Martin city, Slovakia.

Photo by: Jozefino
Location: Martin, Slovakia, Europe under Poland ;o)

Title: Lovely mini pizza shop in Slovak Republic.

Description: Refractory wood burning oven built in a cute small pizza bar place in Slovakia. This is a great pizzeria located in central Martin city (on the map it's located almost exactly in the middle/center of Slovakia) modest must go to and try the place. Pizza that they make is fantastic. I had one for lunch and then returned for another one in the evening of the same day.

Rado, I know you were born there in Martin,
enjoy "ty chalanisko, chlapcisko jeden"!

Added by Rado: ah you almost made me to cry. I've been to this place a couple of times. Do you know Kofola by any chance? Thanks for sending the photo Mate.

by Rado Hand

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