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Built by Tom, in:
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New: fresh

Practical larger-volume ash dump

For collecting and storing higher wood ash amounts, from many more firings, Tom added a practical larger volume ash dump. Still the original MTo ash box collects ashes from 200 + heatings.

Oven having built in larger ash dump.

Oven's name: The Cooking Core.

Entry into the oven with built in larger ash dump.

Photo by: Tom

Location: Downey, California

Title: Oven with built-in larger ash drop.

Description: Rado,
I received a copy of your disks. And Yes it did make me build my oven. I guess like most of us, I had never laid a brick in my life. I used several sources to design my oven and I am finally done. I incorporated a very large ash dump in the front that works great! I only have to clean out ashes every couple of months instead of every time I cook. See the attached photo for the finished oven. Without your support, it would have not been built. I hope you show it on your site. Thank you,

Tom J. of Downey, CA.

by Rado Hand

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