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Built by Gino, in:
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Small South American oven

I have noticed that there are not many Peruvian or some South American wood fired clay ovens on this web site so I am sending you one photo of the one I built for myself recently. Now I hope more South Americans will follow me by sending you their oven pictures or also what they usually cook at home. Because we do it great with our delicious cooking!

Peruvian wood fired oven in Adelaide, Australia.

Photo by: Gino
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Title: Peruvian style oven ...

Description: ... in Adelaide, South Australia, built by Gino in year 2004.

I couldn't carry one in the aeroplane. To bring it with me to Australia. It was too hot from the good-bye dinner the night before. I left my old oven behind.

So I built one new/identical for myself shortly after my arrival over here down under.

by Rado Hand

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