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Built by Emmor, in:
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My hobby idea

The most wonderful aspect in building a wood burning brick oven for hobby can be, that after it's been built the fun isn't over. The hobby continues in a form of all kinds of cooking and baking and making/developing new/own culinary formulas to keep them totally secret or for happily sharing with other people.

Backyard home wood firing oven in Oregon.

Photo by: Emmor
Location: Oregon

Title: Our backyard wood oven

Description: Home backyard oven built by Emmor from Salem, finished Oct. 24, 2004.

The oven has been used mostly for pizza but owners usually pop in some breads or chicken after too many pizzas as to make the life more jazzy and colorful. Terracotta tile on the front is from Florence Italy.

How is that as the candidate for the Friday's party?!

by Rado Hand

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