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Built by Danny, in:
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New: fresh

Summers in front yard

Summers are now great, we enjoy spending a long time in our front yard now. It is not just a garden anymore. It's very functional and practical.

Home front yard development.

Photo by: Danny
Location: Belgium

Title: Home front yard development.

Description: Here I've taken some new pictures of my oven and me in the front yard garden. But it is better in the summer. I will send you later in the year some more images. Thanks for all the help I've got from your website.

I am making plans to build one more but larger oven. I have been very impressed with this web site and with these ovens! I have been dreaming of having one larger for a while now, and look forward to seeing all the different options and designs you have to offer. I have heard nothing but good about your plans and designs how they function and all that related, and I am excited to start. Thanks again for everything you have been doing! I know the donation is not much, but it is the best I could do.
Greetings from Danny in Belgium

by Rado Hand

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