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Built by Dirk, in:
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Belgium garden

Garden in Belgium - city Destelbergen. Outdoor food cooking oven where many kids enjoy learning how to make their own pizzas. I specialize on far more extensive culinary.

Garden oven in Destelbergen Belgium.

Oven's name: Eye catcher

Destelbergen Belgium garden with oven and kids.

Photo by: Dirk
Location: Destelbergen, Belgium

Title: Oven in our garden.

Description: Hello Rado,

Just sending you a picture from Belgium (where the sun forgot to shine this summer...) of my eight years old daughter, proud to present her first self-made pizza. On the background my self-made Australian-Belgian oven (which I am proud to present!) I built alone in 6 weeks.

Are you still working on the forum website? It was a very interesting resource, with a lot of answers on the questions I had.

Thanks a lot for the CD's you sent me one year ago! They were a very complete guideline when building a great oven!

Greetings from the other side of the world.

Dirk VDV
Destelbergen, Belgium

by Rado Hand

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