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Built by Bert, in:
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Oven fitted into the hill behind it.

Wood burning oven can be built also on an elevated property by setting it into the hill. This oven is just one example, it was fitted into the ground behind the oven and the wall.

3 Pizza Men friends and oven built in ground.

Photo by: Bert
Location: Tarrawanna, North of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

Title: The "3Pizza Men"

Description: There is nothing like a wood fire oven to bring family and friends together on any occasion. My daughters Godfather Andrew (left), my Brother-in-law Max (middle) and me with pizza in mouth ... enjoying good food and company at my Son's first birthday party. There were plenty of hmmm's that day from how yummy the food was.

Due to the fact that our backyard is quite elevated, I set the oven into the hill behind the oven and the long and high sleeper wall.

by Rado Hand

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