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Wood oven in museum

In a short, history about three men and their work in a bakery which which they built and operated. Currently their and now old equipment resides in a museum located in Tampa.

Photo of Large bakery Cuban wood ovens.

Photo by: August
Location: Tampa

Title: Mr. Francisco Ferlita came to Tampa in 1896

Description: ... and began construction of a small wood fueled brick oven bakery in Ybor City at the corner of 9th Avenue and 19th street.

To increase bakery production he hired Hr. Pietro Re, Italian contractor to build second oven in 1923. Mr. R then hired Black bricklayer Mr. Porter Felder to assist him, they completed in 1924. Ovens were used till 1973 and now, they made it to the museum.

Photo by August V who sent the whole story as well. I will make a special page about these ovens and leave references for this museum.

by Rado Hand

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