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Built by Steve, in:
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New: fresh

Another scaled-down oven

A new scaled down barrel style oven which does not take much of a surface area within a dedicated spot behind the house.

Picture of barrel style oven in Ayr in Qld., Australia.

Photographs by: Steve
Location: Ayr, Queensland, Australia

Title: Rectangle floor barrel style oven

Description: I built this oven in my town Ayr in Qld. Australia. The oven is called "Old Turnout". It has firebrick dome walls and floor. I wanted it to be slightly smaller on the outside measurements therefore I changed a few things.

The oven arched roof is poured refractory with a concrete roof. It has cast iron door for baking, note the lions head on the door. I will send a final picture ASAP this week.


by Rado Hand on Google+

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