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Built by Rado, in:
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Original Masterly Tail oven the MTo

This is the original MTo design - abbreviated for - Masterly Tail oven Rado Hand's design of the well known wood fired brick oven. Thousands of them were and have been built around the globe. Currently there are several designs developed with the same original MTo insides.

Original Masterly Tail oven - wood brick oven design.

Photo by: Rado

Location: Queensland, Australia

Title: Masterly pizza oven with native character landscaping.

Description: Last picture taken right after the heavy table was completed and the blue stone gravel spread on the ground. Built in July 2004 by Rado Hand. All for that cooking on fire and of course pleasure excursion with included meals out of doors, in your own backyard garden!

by Rado Hand

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