How to make pizza in Wood fired oven. Pizza dough recipe ingredients. Making pizza base and toppings.

Pizza oven for cooking beautiful pizzas.  
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How to make pizza dough, pizza base and dough ingredients.

Complete tutorial from A to Z

Even if you've never made pizza before, with this comprehensive step by step tutorial, and included 16 pictures, you shouldn't have any problems to master this task. This page is based on the well working recipe from the pizza dough page.

Pizza dough ingredients, making pizza base & recipe for pizza toppings.

US measures for pizza dough ingredients:

US measurements - cups, ounces (oz), fluid ounces (fl oz).

29.5 oz (US) all-purpose flour (6.7 cups - convert flour cups vs. ounces)
1/2 ounce active dry yeast - or one tablespoon
2 tbsp brown sugar (optional - works with or without sugar, sugar adds on crisp)
2 teaspoons salt
2.1 cups (US) filtered "tepid" water (16.8 fl oz) - tepid water; mix 2 parts of cold water to 1 part boiling water

* Best is to weigh flour on scales in ounces, instead of using volume/cups measure (because if the cup is packed then more flour goes in and the dough gets harder less soft basically - when a cup measure is used it is filled with flour lightly from a sieve). Depending on your flour quality, if you'd like to make the dough less soft -next time add an additional 0.35oz of flour (or wise versa.)

Metric measurements pizza dough recipe:

METRIC measures - cups, grams (g), milliliters (ml).

825 grams plain fine flour (5 Metric cups - convert flour cups/grams)
14 grams active dry yeast - or one tablespoon
2 tbsp brown sugar (optional - works with or without sugar, sugar adds on crisp)
2 teaspoons salt
500 ml filtered "tepid" water (2 Metric cups) - tepid water; mix two parts of cold water to one part boiling water

* Best is to weigh flour on scales in grams, instead of using cups/volume measuring (because if the cup is packed then you use extra flour and the dough gets less soft and it feels much harder - when a cup measure is used it is generally filled with flour lightly from a sieve). Depending on your flour quality, if you'd like to make this dough less soft -next time add an extra 10g of flour (or wise versa.)

*best flour to make pizza dough is "flour type 00" used for pizza & pasta. 00 Flour is finer grind therefore it's heavier in weight.

Best pizza base dough flour Type 00.
Flour type #00 - is best flour for pizza base dough
and is the finest grind.

Total weight of the finished dough comes to 43 oz (1.2kg) which is good amount for 7 thin pizza bases at 6 oz (170g) per each base and pizza, or enough for 3-4 of 12" to 16" (305mm to 406mm) large pizzas with thick base. You can freeze or refrigerate unused dough in a plastic wrap.

Pizza toppings:

Mozzarella cheese or pizza cheese mix bag 1 lb (500g) amount
Tomato paste 5 oz (140g) for 2-3 pizza bases, you can buy tomato paste in different flavors e.g. Herbs & Garlic.
Fresh herbs, oregano, basil - chop these.
Veggies - mainly tomato, onion.
Sun dried tomatoes in olive oil.
Pineapple pieces

Video of making pizza dough by Rob and his daughter Madelyn

Conversion calculators:
| Butter | Cooking | Flour | Honey | Sugar | °F vs. °C | Volume | Weight |

All ingredients for a pizza dough and the base.
Ingredients for your whole pizza job

Everything needed can be seen on this picture, still in packaging.

Working on Pizza Dough.

Mix dry dough ingredients together.
Mixing all dry ingredients for pizza dough

Mixing all dry ingredients together before adding hot water in.

Add warm water and start to mix.
Adding the warm water to mix dry pizza dough ingredients

Add 16.8 fl oz (500ml) of the warm-(tepid) water in and start mixing. If you find it too hot or uncomfortable for your fingers you can begin mixing with a wooden spoon.

Picture on how to mix pizza dough ingredients.
Mixing pizza dough ingredients together

Working on the dough, might be harder for some but will pay you well at the end.

Worked out pizza dough picture.
Work with the dough on the table

Put just a little of flour on the desk to prevent dough sticking to the surface.

Leave the dough to rise.
Cover and leave pizza dough to rise

Place the smooth dough in a bowl cover it and leave to rise for 1 hour in a warm place. You will see rising starts after about 30 minutes.

After rising punch it down.
After 1 hour punch the dough down

Punch it down after rising and take out from the bowl.

Knead the pizza dough ones again.
Take out the pizza dough and knead it again

Knead it again to remove the air, not as long as for the first time. Second time it's going to go a lot more easier.

Second time it's easier and quicker.
Second time kneading the dough is easier

Put the dough in the bowl and cover it again. Leave it to rise second time again for one hour in the same warm place.

Picture on how to make a pizza base.
Roll the pizza dough now

Starting to make the base. For thin base pizzas divide your dough into 7 parts, that's how many pizzas you can make out of this dough amount. Spread a small amount of flour onto the surface to prevent dough sticking to the table or the roller and begin rolling. When the pizza dough is being stretched into a pizza base, you will find out that it's behaving as if it wanted to shrink again, nearly as a rubber. But it's going to be you who is going to win, all that you concentrate on is to make it approximately of same thickness. You can also use an empty glass bottle to roll the dough with.

Making the pizza base on the table.
Or use hands to stretch your pizza base

Don't worry if the shape of your pizza base is not going to be very round, it doesn't matter what shape you will eat, on the other hand you can have a good laugh about it.

You can stretch your pizza base just in hands.
Stretch the dough into a pizza base on the desk or in hands

You can experiment to stretch the dough only in hands into desired pizza size diameter. Place it in the cooking pizza tray. If you use a paddle leave the base on your surface, you can slide it under after all topping are on the base.

Placing toppings on fresh pizza dough base

Ingredients used as toppings for a salami pizza.
Ingredients for pizza topping

These are all the pre-cut pieces for toppings. We used two types of salami, hotter Feferony and mild Cabana salami to make two different tasting pizzas.

Spread a tomato paste on top of your fresh base and add on half of the cheese amount.
Spread a tomato paste on your fresh pizza dough base

Spread toppings on top in layers. Start with the pizza paste, a 5 ounces (or 140g NET wt.) pack is enough for 2-3 pizza bases, you can use conversion of measures calculator for cooking ingredients. If you decide to buy tomato paste in a shop, they are available in different flavors quite distinctive in taste of pizza. If you happen not to have the paste at home use an ordinary tomato sauce with no sugar content, this will do as well. After you spread it on add on top half of the cheese amount intended to use for your pizza, the second half will be added right at the end as the last layer. By doing so you won't end up with too much cheese on top hiding all toppings.

Cover the flour base with pizza toppings.
Placing toppings on top of the pizza base dough

I suppose the variety of pizza toppings will be up to each individual taste, and experiments. If you would like to make your pizzas juicy in the middle include more of such toppings as tomato or pieces of pineapple.

Add some cheese on top of all toppings.
We like to use pizza trays to make a pizza in wood ovens

On the above picture you can see a pizza with our toppings on the base ready to go into the oven.

Picture of pizza made out of this recipe.
And this is that fabulous PIZZA made out of our dough

Pictures on how to go about making pizza in wood fired ovens.

Temperature gauge in oven
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