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air vent

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Posted by Rado ( on August 09, 2004 at 17:46:44:

In Reply to: air vent posted by martin on August 08, 2004 at 20:22:35:

Martin, 440mm (17.5inch) door width is ok, for 850mm (33.5inch)internal igloo dome size door width can also be 400mm (15.5inch). You made the dome internal height nicely low, good for pizzas. For the dome vault 360mm (14.2inch) door height could be 227mm (9inch) when straight line. Your door vault is 265mm (10.5inch), that would be exactly for a 406mm (16inch) total dome vault.

Could you describe your door height at two side points, where the arch starts, and bricks you used? It'll be somewhat lower, your center of the door is higher.

Why the rear flue design? Such oven needs drought created by a taller chimney which drags the heat out while taking in a fresh cold air. It would be different in a larger oven case. Front chimney works well, just make sure exhaust fumes enter space wide enough to be directed into the chimney and no smoke gets out through the front deco opening.

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