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Re: Insulation.

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Yes you can use light weight insulating firebricks to insulate the oven, good idea to obtain all sorts of material at auctions to save some dough! They can be placed over the top of the dense cooking/firing part or with structural adjustments also under the floor slab. You can also break these bricks into fragments with hammer and then add use them for mixed insulation. At times I do the same when it suits for wood fired oven and if I have few of these bricks left over from other projects. The braking takes about ~45 minutes for the slab job *result is shown on the picture above.
To insulate the oven at the top you can simply place insulating bricks on. But, although these bricks are much softer (can be cut by handheld hacksaw too) than the heavy in weight heat absorbing firebricks, they are solid too. They won't absorb the heat expansion and will push on the final weather finish. Something soft has to go in between the refractory and the final decorative finish, or the whole oven could be incased in a box. r

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