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Re: Oven Dome, Help

From the WFO board

Posted by Eugene

In Reply to: Oven Dome, Help posted by Bob K

When I did my arches (out of firebrick) the last brick was really hard to get in as well. I had to really hammer it in with a wooden mallot, althought there was still mortar towards the top. When I did this, the arch actually expanded a little so it actually pulled away from the form, and was able to support itself while the mortar was very wet. What I learned from this was that if the arch were to collapse, it will not be from a brick falling straight down, it would be because it tipped too far to the right or left. Once the concrete cladding is added over the top, this cannot happen.

So, I think you will be ok. An arch is very strong. People have been building them since ancient times, and some are made completely dry (no mortar) with the keystone (the last brick on top) holding it all together.

The only issue I see with using pavers instead of firebrick, is that they wont be able withstand and hold the heat the way you want. This may or may not be true. But I have seen pictures of ovens where the dome was made out of just regular red brick too.

These are just my thoughts, I had never laid a brick until stumbling upon this site and starting construction of my oven. You might want to wait for Rado to reply.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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