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Placing cover bricks on dome insulation

From the WFO board

Posted by RayF

Hi All,

Last summer I constructed my oven and got quite a bit of the facade done. My oven is part of a larger structure that includes a fireplace.

I am in the process or trying to complete the chimney for both the oven and fireplace. As part of that process I'm trying to bring the flues for both together in the middle and then I am going to bring the facade in to the middle as well. To do this I need to place part of the facade on the dome vermiculite insulation.

Is this safe to do? I am worried that the insulation will crumble under the weight. Should I remove the insulation first and build up a stub of concrete from the cladding? I am worried this will let too much heat escape up through the facade bricks.


by Rado Hand on Google+

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