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Re: Extra cladding for small oven

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Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: Extra cladding for small oven posted by John

You can cook in a smaller oven as you say internal 24" x 30" (610mm x 720mm). Less freedom but it's easy to get used to this cooking floor size. In small ovens there is no need to go for thicker cladding layer then 2" to 3" (5cm x 7.5cm). Rather use the available space for extra insulation, the oven will be efficient and perform the same way. You will be able to do slow roasting at stable cooking temperature for 4-5 hours from one firing heat up. If indoor the house will nice and warm, open all doors!

I enjoy slow roasting the most of all cooking including bread for next day lunch. Turkish soft dough bread is latest favorite I recon. Below is link to few pics of roasted lamb in my gallery on HomeNestMakers (can find poultry roast pics in there too - and the brine recipe that will make your turkey or chickens best you ever had is in the new forum there.) r

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