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Re: Fireclay supplier

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Posted by Rado

In Reply to: Fireclay supplier posted by Eugene

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I buy fireclay from refractory supplier, usually place that sells firebricks stores also fireclay. In case they don't have it look around for pottery supplies they will most certainly have it for you. One large bag will be plenty for 2 ovens and cost is very low. Fireclay based mortar is very good in heat. Mix dry ingredients first, and then add gradually water while mixing - all by hand. After it's mixed leave the mud untouched for 10 minutes and then give it a quick remix - at this second mixing stage you might need to add just a little water in to improve consistency. Preparing is very straight forward matter, much quicker or easier if compared with mixing dough ;o)

Refractory mortar recipe thermal heat insulations etc.

Mix not too wet and only little amount at the time (because just a small amount is needed for each arch.) Less water added to the mortar equals smaller drying shrinkage. Heat resistant mortar recipes are on cd or in 'building details' pages. r

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