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Fireplace conversion Started

From the WFO board

Posted by artriome

Well, The fire place conversion is started, fireplace dismantled, heater insert ripped out, and quite a bit of the mess cleaned up.What occurs to me at this point is. Is it practical, or good thinking to wonder about placing the flue/chimney/ exhaust at the rear of the oven? I have noticed a few "pre-cast" models that have the flue to the rear, but I wonder if it would work the same. ie: cold air entering the oven through the door and slurping right up the chimney at the rear. I am prepared to build the oven as described in your plans, and adapt a sloping flue back to the original fireplace flue .... it would just be immensely easier to have it exit out the back. If a scheme like this is will make the oven any less useful/efficient in any way ... I won't do it.
I am also wondering about exiting the flue at the rear, but building in some kind of "double back" baffle to retain the heat, and make it travel about half-way toward the front of the vault before being allowed to exit.Hmmmmmmm.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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