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Re: Soapstone hearth

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: Soapstone hearth posted by John


I agree with Peg. Soap stone is great refractory for building ovens actually but it is best if the oven is to be used primarily for non baking purpose. I came into contact with soapstone in Europe. Soapstone absorbs heat faster and the floor gets much hotter when compared with firebricks (to be more precise, slightly hotter.) There is no problem at all with soapstone hearths, once you have the amount, use it of course.

The complete soapstone thermal data page.

In fact restaurants would prefer having wood fired ovens with soapstone cooking floor. Even if it's hotter it is very easy to get used to cooking in the oven with soapstone floor. Saying all of this go for it, but firebricks too are perfect way to go.

I think there are 2 more small postings on soapstone in this vintage forum. New forums with search option will be available pretty soon. r

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