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Re: back on the fireplace conversion

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: back on the fireplace conversion ... posted by artriome

Hi Art,
Everything is always possible! In this case it's only a question of available space for the oven; all others are regarding construction matters. I have seen several ovens built in spot where fireplace was used previously. Count with the hearth slab in a hip level with its maximal possible depth and width plus firebrick hearth with the whole oven on top. For ovens I build I would calculate the with of at least: 1" (25mm) outer decorative skin, 2 to 3" (50 to 75mm) heat insulation, 2" (50mm) cladding, 4-1/2" (115mm) firebrick wall - these make it max. ~10-1/2" (270mm) per one side and 21" (530mm) in both walls/sides which make very efficient oven used for any cooking type and even heat exchanger if indoors. The remaining space from the total available width of the space can of course be internal cooking space width, no need at all to go for too large oven.

Now the depth; the rear wall is of the same ~10" (25cm), same for front wall ~10" (25cm). In depth include plus a small surface area in front of the oven for resting pots, and under it storage/display of firewood for immediate use, which should be minimum 1' (30cm) deep, this is minimum because also the exhaust air vent/flue must fit in the front. The hot air passage should more spacious; 1" (25mm) wider on each side then the total door width and at least 9 - 10" + (23 - 25cm +) deep (I build outdoors ovens this way and for indoors oven it's a must not to risk smoke not being directed 100% only upwards into the chimney - this makes oven carbon black in front about entry. I suppose you will use existing chimney.

I hope I could be of help and that more people come write on this. I have good photos on one smaller version built indoor oven including the chimney, only a bit smaller external dimensions when all other construction matters remained the same - oven building details pages. Good idea I will include this as new addition to my oven building workshop Cd's now. BTW Art email me and will email you back with a few photos for the idea because you got my CD's already. Cheers, r.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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