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Re: Kiln bricks

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Posted by Simon

In Reply to: Kiln bricks posted by Simon

Posted a couple of weeks ago about possible contamination from bricks taken from an old kiln. After a lot of discussion with friends - Rado etc decided to buy a test kit from a paint company here in NZ that finds any trace of lead (most common problem with glazes). Simple test, all you do is place a couple of drops of fluid on the surface and if it turns gray or black, lead is present. I tested several bricks including one a had freshly broken. Mine were clean so I am going to use them. The company here in NZ that sells the test is Resene, but I am sure all countries will have their version. also talked to a friend who is a scientist. He felt sure that any lead that was present would burn off pretty quickly.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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