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Re: MTO arch dimensions

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: MTO arch dimensions posted by Greg

Yes sure thing. You are precise; the vault on MTo is 16" (406mm). There are two ovens on the Masterly Tail oven CDrom, one has total entry height in arch center of 10-1/2" (267mm) and the second oven has 10" (254mm) entry arch height. Going 10" makes it exactly 63% vault to door height ratio. The 10-1/2 door height was done for purpose for special roaster can fit in, the oven performs same way. The extra half inch (12mm) makes it ~65% at the arch tip, in the arch top it makes it very minimal or no difference. Entry door walls height is not crucial at all; wall height can vary to put arch on so any size of bricks can be used easily.

Also, in fact the arch can start to be formed gently right from the floor level making entry side walls, then in both sides the arch gets sharp radius and continues making the horizontal ceiling part.

All sizes of bricks can be used. Thinner firebricks will create arches of more bricks but make the "V" gaps in between firebricks smaller on outside, useful more for arches with higher arch rise. r

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