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Re: kiln blocks

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: kiln blocks posted by Margaret Tacey

You wrote: "They are not overly heavy and softer than normal bricks." Also as you also mentioned that these bricks came from a kiln ... I am 100% positive these bricks are insulating light in weight firebricks. Light weight firebricks won't absorb heat, they are good in other refractory applications (also cost a lot more) but not suitable for making firing part in cooking ovens. For wood fired cooking oven heavy in weight - dense - firebricks are needed, these absorb heat very well.

There would be other use for the insulating bricks you have, they could be used under the slab to insulate it from the bottom side but the bricks would need to be held under with some appropriate method, if it suited structurally. You have very good approach as I can see from your postings! r

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