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Re: stonewalling

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Posted by Rado

In Reply to: stonewalling posted by Margaret

Heat storing capacity depends on how much mass is in the dense part and what it is made of. I use firebricks + cladding layer for making dense part; these two take care of absorbing and storing heat very well. Then heat insulation goes on top. Oven efficiency depends on both, the dense heavy part and the light in weight insulating part. Then some final cover as weather/visible deco finish.

First I would complete the dense part made of firebricks. Then as you mention you can go along with the outer stone deco leaving nice gap at least 4" (10cm) plus for insulation between the dense part and the outer skin. In stages, you can raise the skin a bit and fill loose insulation in the gap (no need to pack it in hard for more air spaces remain in the insulation layer.) Rise the skin further more and pour more insulation in the gap again till finished at the top. The job can be done with rectangular or round firebrick oven too without assisting metal straps as I see it, cement sets quickly. r

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