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Re: Firebrick cracks

From the WFO board

Posted by Giles

In Reply to: Re: Firebrick cracks posted by Rado

Hi Rado and thanks for getting back so soon. Your explanation of why firebricks have surface cracks makes good sense. How do you know so much about the subject. You are amazing! Don't go to the trouble of taking a photo as your explanation is good enough for me.

I will remember to sort the best bricks for the arches as you suggest.
Purchase of 200 'B grade' firebricks @ $2.50 each from Darley Refractories in Bacchus Marsh is $500. 1 bag of Densecrete $37. 1 20kg bag fireclay $15.80. Refractory mortar premix I can buy locally. Pallet charges $22 plus shrink wrap $7.20. Freight by Graeme Spargo
Transport at Bacchus Marsh for 865kg to Adelaide
was $140.
Total is $722.00 plus GST $72.20 = $794.20

That's why I nearly had to sell one of my kids!!

But I am happy. I am going to have my very own Rado Hand Masterly Oven. What could be better than that?

Thanks again Rado. Regards, Giles

by Rado Hand on Google+

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