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Re: wood

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I use mostly hard wood or pine for firing. Any clean dry firewood does well. Hard wood burns slower, pine releases energy more rapidly ... pine, maple or fruit trees you name it. I start with tinnier sizes and after 30 minutes 3-4 larger pieces do well for longer time. Best to create nice red hot embers inside for when the oven is white hot these will glow for a long time giving 3+ hours for pizza making without doing much with the fire. For us 3 hours is enough but mini fire can be maintained for much longer. When embers stop glowing oven is used e.g. for slow roasting in lid closed roasting pot-s for up to 5-6 hours, or baking, or both at the same time. People often say some wood types give different flavor to pizzas, I only can sense diff. toppings flavors or of course whether the food is smoked or not. Maybe it's only me, for some reason I cannot taste the different types of wood flavors in but I would love to. r

Re: wood

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