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Re: densecrete from Darley Refractories

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When you use the fireclay based mortar dip firebricks into bucket of water for 1-2 mins, for easier work and nothing else is needed. If you buy ready mixed refractory mortar sold in bucket apply this mortar only to about 2/3 from inside, leave arches to set and fill the rest on outside with the same mortar and push many broken firebrick pieces into it (works something like wedging.) Darley Densecrete could be used in here also (in the wider-outer remaining 1/3), this product has firebrick grog pieces mixed in it. If you decide to use the Densecrete mix it with water semidry in small amounts, only a little amount will be needed at the time. One bag is plenty you will have left over for another oven.

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Re: densecrete from Darley Refractories

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