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Re: refractory bricks/cement

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado (

In Reply to: refractory bricks/cement posted by Steve

Refractory supplier in Perth, contact details are:
Ian Mears, (08 9434 9202 / 0414 885 337)
Mears Refractory Services pty ltd.
Unit 3
9 Corokia Way
Bibra Lake
Perth WA
He is a really nice bloke, very helpful quite knowledgeable about ovens, won't seem to mind opening the warehouse up at odd hours when someone really needs when ran out of bricks, firebricks could be under $3 here (hires brick saw standing idle.)

**OR my oven building CDrom has the folder on "Equivalent materials and sources" if needed. It includes what other alternate clay bricks can be used, where to buy or find fire clay/mud in nature for mixing fireclay based refractory mortar, making own bricks/adobe and how to work with these. Also how to make inexpensive (~15 times le$$) heat insulation-s with equal properties to vermiculite/perlite, as well as use of ceramic fiber blankets. The folder contains large photographs of these materials. At the moment the whole cd has 504Mb of files, I just added in one new additional/extra sequence on building smaller simple version of the Swishy oven (same internal cooking area size but minus surrounding building brick decorations) ... this is not mentioned in the website pages yet I will do it later. Very good for building! r

***In Perth people used 'Midland Smooth Cream solid bricks' manufactured from:
MIDLAND BRICKS - PERTH & are available throughout their display centers in Perth.
Tel: 131540 Freecall: 1800 998 320

Re: refractory bricks/cement

by Rado Hand on Google+

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