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Re: Firing Techniques

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado

In Reply to: Firing Techniques posted by Tony

Email me pictures of the oven, internal and external shots, can be large photos for better details so I can comment clearly. All can be fixed, you should fire in 1-1/2 hour till white hot inside for pizzas. I will comment also on other matter regarding firing strategy, but it's very easy. Things you mentioned shouldn't normally happen at all. No need to make large fire so flames want to go out from the oven, loss of energy that way and no benefit. I can also comment on the starting fire up, in fact there were several posting in site's forum on that already, just go to forum main page and scroll down (BTW for others we are installing new forum script shortly. What firebricks did you use(?), just crossed me mind to ask as well.

I will wait for more info from you, send them to my email address

We tried to get into this yahoo group you sent link to, must have registered so will see later, but better if you email pics directly it'll make it easier for me, heaps of work outdoors now days. Thanks Mate. r

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