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Re: Masterly tail oven plans

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In Reply to: Masterly tail oven plans posted by DarrelW

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Masterly Tail oven building CD's and the download links are already being sent out to people for some time but at the moment there isn't separate ordering page. So far the new workshop is being posted automatically together with the 1st Swishy oven cdrom as surprise to everyone who surprised us with support, 3 CD's are simply sent out. Or all 3 designs fit on 1 DVD disk. But the confirmation email does say that all 3 designs are being posted or the email contains all 3 download links, so you find out about them nicely early. Via the page link are the details about the new MTo design and all that. Website will be on new server by end of this month and then more pages will be added, for cooking as well (right now current server does not have any room for new pages/photos only a bit of reserved space for this vintage forum -> it must change as well.)

* The oven has great refractory firebrick part (high quality, less firebrick cutting, good looks) and also great non refractory oven features e.g. roof, ash emptying or for first time builders help on how to go about laying building bricks with interesting looking character. Cd includes one extra folder with sequence on building MTo low set sitting on ground, covered with soil and thick decorative grasses (high quality but can be built fast and on trailer too.) Also Swishy cd has in addition extra folder with simpler built version of this oven design, same internal cooking space but minus outer building brick walls.

Re: Masterly tail oven plans

by Rado Hand on Google+

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