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Re: second layer

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Well Insulated Ovens


"is it ok to let the first layer dry before constructing the second?"

If it's about heat insulation layers then yes. If required, mixed insulation is applied in few thinner layers. Each layer on chicken wire is left to harden, after the oven is fired for cooking before next layer goes on ... second layer, third ... are done the same way. Mix the insulation semi dry not wet like when mixing mortar. Few soft insul. layers better absorb expansion and avoid cracks in last weather finish layer. But if the oven has its own roof, made of tin or roof tiles as on picture above, mixed insulation can be applied in just one layer where the roof is the outisde weather finish.
Ovens boxed in e.g. building brick walls or in corrugated iron case are easy insulated using dry in loose form insulation simply poured into the box filling all space on sides and 4" - 6" or 10 - 15cm (or even more) on top, this insulates ovens very well. r

Re: second layer

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