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Re: Vault - firebricks preparation.

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In Reply to: Vault - firebricks preparation. posted by Bob Bourne

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Place bricks nicely aligned next to each other on the board for drawing the template line accurately (now it won't matter if they don't touch on the top.) Arch-template should be precise for holding bricks tightly so use pen to make thin line. Then cut the board closely just on outside of the line, make sure you will still see the line. If you cut through the line template will loosen bricks. Template can be further adjusted by lowering it couple of millimeters which put bricks closer together. Now, because the template is tight it'll work well with gaps. If you needed to adjust popping out corner on any firebrick added in just quick rub it over a Besser block or concrete floor, etc., making it to fit absolutely perfectly! I actually look first at every single brick added to arch how it fits in and then use mortar. Whole firebrick part can be done in or less than 2 days plus with one hand holding coffee mug (sorry I almost said in a pocket but it would look kinky and I mustn't do that ..... café is okay.) No need to tap hard on firebricks at all. Apply mortar on holding in hand brick and place it onto the other, gentle tap or push with rubbing there-and-back moves it'll align where you want it to be. The last brick of the arch goes in the same way. Again check it before how it fits in to finish nice arch, mortar can be applied not only on this last firebrick out but also on the third and second last bricks that are already in place. Applying too much mortar makes mess in between the brick and wooden template. Don't mix mortar too wet as it then shrinks more and it takes longer to set. Working with firebricks is very enjoyable, by the way I would prefer doing only refractory parts jobs. it's clean, fast, easy, with every brick added the oven is getting shape; that's when everyone starts to look at it and also on who is building it ;o) r

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Re: Vault - firebricks preparation.

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