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Re: Depth of entrance

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In Reply to: Depth of entrance posted by Bob Bourne

Yes 9" (23cm) or even 10" (25.4cm) is proper depth for the hot air vent to be taken upwards. Secondly on what you pointed out; 20" (51cm) deep surface area in front of the oven does not make it any harder to arrange things inside the oven. Rather it is more handy when you can rest pots on it when checking out how's cooking. Place a ruler in front of you, from the edge of table 20" (51cm) away from you as if you reached the entry to the oven. This is the distance to be away from the oven anyway (I recon not to come too closer to ignite-loose eyebrows when firing, adding firewood or shifting fire to a side) also placing foods in and out is practical and won't matter if done from this distance. But of course depth of just 10" to 12" (254mm to 350mm) will work too and with using e.g. the corrugated iron for the hood then the vent depth can still be kept to work well. r

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Re: Depth of entrance

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