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Fire Clay

From the WFO board

Posted by Chris

Thanks everyone

As previously discussed, If I use Portland Cement, Lime and Fire Clay in the proportions listed below, will that do the job, I would hate to make the vault and then build the outer wall and have the pizza oven collapse, whist drinking beer and boasting to my mates how easy it was.

10 : 6 : 2 : 3 Builder Sand, Fireclay, Portland Cement and Lime

As mentioned previously on the site

I might as well strike why the iron is hot, as they say. Can you give me some advice to me on the following.

On the opening to the oven, does the entrance to the vault touch the outer wall of the oven where the opening is and if so, why doesn t the oven when hot, expand and crack the outer wall where it is blended to the vault opening.

Thanks Guy s for such a great site and helping out.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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