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Re: The Mix

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Portland is already a bit refractory (comparing it with cheaper grade cement) but it still burns out, it's used so the mortar gets firm and one can progress quicker. Lime in mortar withstands heat well but it fluxes clay has to be added, it's best refractory natural in wood fired brick ovens. E.g. pottery, pots get fired till they are red hot and when cooled down how they look. Look in pottery or refractory suppliers, fireclay is cheap. Maybe Ed will come in with advice, he is located in WA - I still have to add Ed's oven photos into the gallery (and other's photos too!)
People looking for oven builder in WA or who would like to have the refractory firebrick part done by Ed try to ask him if he could come up with his templates; his email address is in posting located just a bit below this one via forum-home page.

Below is a link to previous posting with Ian's contact details, he's got bags of air-set mortar etc.

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Re: The Mix

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