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Re: Australia/Alaska Collaboration

From the WFO board

Posted by Rado ( on March 06, 2004 at 20:12:31:

In Reply to: Rado Australia/Alaska Collaboration posted by Loptos on March 05, 2004 at 14:02:45:

Before I write further regarding wood ovens please let me react to some things you wrote:
- Yes, this can be a collaborating between us but such as between two good people and for reasons with only a good friendly intentions :)
-Interesting, a number of people who contact me and grab the CD building instructions from me are going into opening a pizza restaurant or pizza and other meals bar venture. In fact I plan to do the same but I keep the location picked by me and my friend as the best word kept secret for now, because this is going to be an absolute paradise, visually as well. I've been in contact with several Australians wanting to build their ovens and among them are a few who were born somewhere else and now they again live somewhere else (maybe it's getting complicated here, to explain this in the shortest way Aussie people are great in traveling and adventures around the globe and I really like the way how they interpret personal experiences ones they return back home. I was lucky to have a chance to speak with some of these beings) and guess what, they want to do same things. A family based in Japan for 5 years is about to build an oven in there they plan opening a pizza bar, this is super.

I my self would like to run a small pizza rather an evening place and during the day I would like to run workshops on pizza plus other meals making in wood ovens and of course wood burning ovens building.
- I like writing extremely and the only problem I face is that I wasn't born in English speaking country. I am sorry for that, not because I give perhaps a hard time to my readers ;) but because of me personally. I have to open the dictionary million times and putting words into groups is similar comparing to walking on red hot embers. I began to speak this language 11 years ago when I was already adult. Just before I arrived in here my lovely friends thought me to pronounce, almost fluently, two important sentences. First was 'I am very hungry' and the second was logically 'I love you'. I somehow pulled through without using these in urgent situations. I love this language and I made my mind not to swap it for any other! If someone doesn't like it, my answer would be 'take it easy mate and have your own way'. I was influenced by this unique culture in a most positive way for me. I went back to see my mum after 10 years of living here, only ones as in between she came for a vacation a few times (I love her). Would you believe they didn't want me there and I was born there, grew up and lived for 25 years and, heh, they wanted me to leave....Perhaps I admire that country but I was enormously happy when I got out of that airplane back in Brisbane airport after the trip. I will never forget the feeling I had when I took that first deep breath for the first time in my Aussie home again.
Anyway enough of my babbling.

BUSINESS: Here goes...

I told you it's an eye opener this CDrom, before you got it, it's a lot different to do something when you know how it looks like and what the next step looks like. It's more then you or anyone else need to build perfect wood burning oven at home, I planed ahead making this tutorial. Wait when I do my other design, I am working on it since last Christmas and I am probably ready to manifest my mental images with diagrams in practice now. I am about to look for a spot where I could start to build it, even though I am quite anxious about it I wouldn't like to build it in my home backyard just for the tutorial reason, it would be shame to dissemble the whole structure after.

I welcome your proposition idea or offer to describe some of these photographs from the cd. It's certainly work with consuming time. You look at things from the point of view as more other people could do, who are not in building and this could assist anyone even more. Although so far I didn't have anyone asking for further explanation on particular photographs involved, just a 'Oooo my god, thank you so much' or 'Oooo my god this is amazing', it would certainly make the package only onto the better side of things. If people come up with a question or two, it's when they are planning to change the design, either they're changing the size or shape of the oven when building under the pergola roof and so on.

I think I can answer your questions by E-mail, we could do it one at the time in the couple of days intervals, whatdoyourecon? You could also start with describing what you recon would be useful and email it to me so I can look at it.

At the end of my reply, thanks dearly for prizing of my work. This message could help me by telling people what they get when going through the cdrom at home reading and slide-showing it on theirs PCs and so it could create my w/site's support a bit better. Usually they come into terms with the cd's quality and helpfulness after it gets to their hands. However, saying all this I'd like the site to be non commercial like with the educational programs, example like on our ABC radio stations or ABC TV programs which are of a high quality. I am quite turned to that side.

Creating a 'testimonial page' as many can be seen a lot around now days, didn't even cross my mind. If you can not see for your self why would you believe some written words in this respect. At current stage the site is desperately in need to be run from it's own server or has to be on an expensive hosting plan. It's a challenge for me! When this is achieved, it will grow gradually with page numbers for more new tutorials and of course more images (at present when more people are visiting at ones it could go down for a short time). Later I may enjoy getting some creative sponsors or perhaps a more administration from among many enthusiasts interested in traditional cooking using fire.

Ups, I wrote too much again, enough gossip for now, we talk later.

Rado - email me for the further colaboration.

by Rado Hand on Google+

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